We're moving to Palo Alto!...sort of... // Family Travel | Travel with Kids

We’re Moving to Palo Alto!

It’s been almost a year since we started this crazy adventure of Matt working part-time in the bay area…a whole year!

It’s amazing how much our life has changed in comparison to where we were this time last spring. We thought our lives were busy then; our biggest decisions were where to have brunch and which shade of pink to paint the baby’s room. Fast forward a year later, and we’re delicately balancing life at home with flying halfway across the country with a baby every couple of months.

We're moving to Palo Alto!...sort of... // Family Travel | Travel with Kids
Left: Evelyn’s second trip to California at 2 months old // Right: Our routine Monday trip to Trader Joe’s to buy exactly 1 week’s worth of groceries

Now, don’t you worry – we’re not leaving Omaha! But on our last trip out to California we realized that our Menlo Park cottage (as we affectionately call her) was not quite working out. While it’s in a nice, friendly neighborhood, it’s also ridiculously tiny: perfect for Matt when he’s there by himself, but for the 3 of us, it’s just not cutting it. Having lights out and quiet time at 7:30 every night when Evelyn goes to bed is not exactly our idea of “quality time” together.

We're moving to Palo Alto!...sort of... // Family Travel | Travel with Kids
Left: No bathtub? No problem! // Right: “There’s not nearly enough room in here to get into trouble mama”

So we put in notice on our month-to-month lease and set out in search of something new. We really only had a couple of requirements: a true 1 bedroom, close to Stanford, and not a total dump. You’d be surprised how many dumpy studio apartments rent for $2000/month. A parking space, bathtub, and laundry facilities (all of which we currently lack) would be a bonus.

I had my eye on a place in downtown Palo Alto that fit all of the criteria and was just 2 blocks from University Avenue to boot. So when our landlord told us she’d re-rented our place within two days of listing it, we jumped on it. The next day we had our applications in, deposit down, and the place was ours!

We're moving to Palo Alto!...sort of... // Family Travel | Travel with Kids
Soon to be locals at Local Union 271 in Palo Alto.

The worrywart that I am, I’m now a little nervous about the decision. Did I even look over the apartment that closely? Will we still like it on moving day? It all happened so fast and we didn’t have much time to make a decision or we’d risk losing it to someone else! But even if it does fall short of the rosy expectations I have in my head, we’re looking forward to having more space to sprawl out and getting acquainted with our new neighborhood (which is really only a 5 minute drive from our old one). Being around a little younger crowd in Palo Alto and right in the heart of Silicon Valley, I think we’ll be just fine. I can’t wait to share pictures once we get her all set up!

Now…anyone have a moving truck we can borrow?

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