Disney Packing List: Must-Haves for your Disney Park Bag

Packing your Disney park bag requires careful consideration. Here’s all the must-have essentials you need on your Disney packing list for the perfect day at any Disney park.

Packing for a Disney trip is tricky business.

Pack too much, and you’ll be cursing yourself while carrying an overstuffed Disney park bag all day.

But pack too little? You know you’ll have forgotten that one key item that will make or break your day.

Yes, building a Disney packing list is not an easy task. Luckily, you just need a few key items in your park bag to have the most magical day at Disney.

Read on for the perfect packing list for your Disney park bag.

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The Perfect Disney Packing List

Whether you’re planning a trip to Disneyland or Disney World, your packing list will remain pretty universal. But first, let’s talk about where you’re going to put all that stuff!

Choosing Your Disney Park Bag

I’m 100% always an advocate for a backpack. I think it’s the best choice for any traveling mom since keeps you hands-free and is easiest on your back.

My favorite backpack of all time for moms is the FreshlyPicked backpack. It’s especially great for visiting Disney with babies or toddlers because it has a ton of space inside, yet still comfy to wear all day. (they also make a mini version, how cute!)

If you want to go full Disney, this Sparkly Sequin Minnie Backpack is adorable! Bringing your own lunch (yes, you can do that!)? This Disney Cooler Backpack would be perfect!

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Disney Park Bag Essentials

Alright, once you’ve picked our your Disney park bag we can start filling it. Here’s all the essentials your family needs in their Disney park bag:

Refillable Water Bottle | No need to buy expensive bottled water at Disney. There are plenty of water fountains throughtout the park where you can refill your own! Go Disney-themed, or opt for a collapsible travel one this like.

Snacks | Of course you’ll want to try all the treats at the park, but to keep energy high and tantrums at bay, you’ll want to have lots of easy snacks ready on the go too! Pretzels, snack bars, grapes, cheese sticks, squeeze pouch applesauce, and PB&J sandwiches are our go-to’s for on-the-go snacks.

PS. Want to pack a lunch? You can totally do that! Disney parks allow small coolers (find the most current dimension limits here) so you can save your money and eat on the go!

Portable Charger | Between taking photos, sharing videos to social media, and using Disney’s park app, you’ll be lucky if your phone’s battery makes it to lunch time!

You could pay to use Disney’s charging lockers throughout the park for some extra juice, but why not have your own charging station right in your pocket? This portable charger is super tiny and can recharge an iPhone twice!

Camera | While our phones all have great cameras these days, I still like to keep our high-quality yet compact mirrorless camera on me at all times.

Sunscreen | So much sunscreen. Whether visiting Disney in California or Florida, you’ll more than likely spend a lot of time in the sun. Don’t be caught off guard paying for an overpriced tube when you get there.

Sunglasses | Another must-have for a long day out in the sun! If you’re like me and have a tendency to lose every pair you own, these are the perfect cheap, yet nice looking pair to have on your Amazon restock list.

Baby Wipes | Whether you’re kid is still in diapers or not, a small pack of baby wipes is a must for those sticky melted ice cream fingers or whatever other unforeseen messes unfold.

Portable Fan | You can thank me later for this portable misting fan if you’ll be visiting a Disney park in the height of summer!

Travel Umbrella | If you’re taking on Disneyland in California in the winter or spring, be sure to check the weather. While it’s not too common, rain can happen, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and have a small travel umbrella in your bag.

Poncho or Rain Jacket | Likewise, if you’re visiting any of the Florida parks, your odds of rain will up dramatically. While umbrellas can be used at Walt Disney World as well, you might want to opt for a more hands-free solution to wet weather like this Disney poncho or a nice hooded rain jacket.

Waterproof Phone Case | Don’t get caught off guard getting soaked (along with your phone!) on Splash Mountain! This waterproof phone case is cheap and also handy for underwater photos later by the pool!

Mini First Aid Kit | While you don’t need to pack the whole medicine cabinet, keep a few staples like bandages and pain reliever close. For anything more extensive, you can always visit your Disney park’s First Aid center.

Autograph Book | Ok, this is not exactly an “essential”, but a Disney autograph book is a fun way to turn the experience into a lasting memory for kids! Don’t forget a pen or marker for signing too.

MagicBands | Visiting Walt Disney World and want to save some time? Consider getting a MagicBand. If you’re staying at a Disney Resort hotel, you’ll automatically get them included, but anyone can join in on the fun of MagicBands by purchasing their own in advance!

What’s a MagicBand? Basically, it’s a wearable device that allows you to enter the parks, utilize FastPass+, and make food and merchandise purchases in the park without ever having to pull out your tickets or credit card. They’re also pretty dang cute and come in a ton of different colors and designs!

Just link your MagicBand to your ‘My Disney Experience’ account before you arrive at the park and you’re all set!

Tip: MagicBands are not yet used at Disneyland parks in California.

Small Wallet | The perfect spot to hold essentials like your ID, cash, credit card and park tickets.

Park Map | Of course you can get your park map there, but if you want to be super duper prepared and are headed to Disneyland in California, download and print our Printable Disneyland Map and Rides Checklist ahead of time!

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Disney with Babies & Toddlers

There are a few extra things parents of babies and toddlers will need to add to their Disney packing list. First of all, while it’s not exactly going in the “day bag”, you definitely want a:

Lightweight Stroller | First things first (and this goes beyond toddlers, too): even if your kid is not a big stroller rider, you’ll still probably want to bring one to Disney. A day at Disney is long and tiring, and little legs will undoubtedly not be able to keep up at some point. The stroller is also probably your only chance at a mid-day nap.

Plus, having a stroller at Disney isn’t really much of an inconvenience (in fact, I’d argue it’d probably be much more of an inconvenience to end up carrying your tired little one around later)! There are designated stroller parking areas all over the park and even attendants keeping a watchful eye on them.

So what kind of stroller should you bring? Well, Disney parks are still rather crowded, so the more compact and light the better. We love our Babyzen Yoyo+ for that reason, but the gb Pockit Stroller is also a good, more affordable alternative. You could also rent a stroller from Disney, but it won’t be nearly as comfortable as using your own.

Pro Tip: Make sure to also pack your stroller rain guard for Disney World, where mid-day rains are common!

Baby or Toddler Carrier | Having a stroller will get you through the park, but when it comes to waiting in line for rides, you’ll have to leave that stroller behind. So if you have a little one that can’t stand for a long period of time on their own, having a carrier (this one’s our fave) to hold them in will be a total lifesaver on your back!

Now, strollers and carriers aside, if you’re visiting Disney with a baby or toddler you’ll want to be sure to also pack:

Diapers & Wipes | An obvious one, but try not to overpack on these and how many you’ll actually need to get through the day. Worst case scenario, every Disney park as a Baby Care Station where you can get a few emergency diapers or wipes if needed.

Baby Food | If you’re in the transition phase of moving to solids, have lots of squeeze pouches or dissolvable baby snacks on hand. A hungry baby is never a happy baby, and you’re gonna want to keep that baby happy!

Bottles / Sippy Cup | Another obvious must, but it would be a disaster to forget the sippy cup!

Muslin Blacket | I love having a lightweight muslin blanket on hand for draping over the stroller at naptime or covering a little one’s head to shield them from the sun.

Safety Harness or Bands | If you have a runner child like mine, then you get it! We saw several kids with this Mickey harness and it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen! If you want something a little more discreet, these safety wristbands will meet the same purpose.

shop baby & toddler must-haves:

Need more help packing for travel with a baby?
Get our Ultimate Packing List for Baby Travel too!

Disney Water Park Essentials

Swimsuit | Obvi. I’m a big fan of the RuffleButts brand because they have snaps for easy diaper changes!

Flip Flops | Sneakers are great for the other parks, but having a back up pair on flip flops or sandals is a must if you plan to hit the water park or pool later.

Travel Towel | There’s no need to pack a bunch of bulky beach towels. These lightweight microfiber towels do just as good of job and take up a small fraction of the space in your day bag!

Waterproof Phone Case | I’ll repeat this one one more time for the people in the back. Get a waterproof phone case!

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What to Wear at Disney

Dressing up for Disney isn’t just for the kids. The whole family can be comfortable and look cute too!

Disney T-Shirt | The best Disney uniform, in my opinion, is a simple Disney-themed t-shirt. And men, you don’t have to be too cool to get in on the fun. I literally lol’d when I saw a Dad wearing this t-shirt.

shop disney outfit inspo:

Disney Dresses | And for little girls that love all things princess, rather than going full-on dress up, these much more subtle cotton princess dresses deliver the same feel while also being comfortable enough to wear all day!

Mickey or Minnie Ears | So cute and perfect for photo ops. I was super happy with these Minnie ears, which fit both adults and kids (albeit, with the help of a bobby pin or two).

Comfortable Shoes | No doubt, Disney is a marathon kind of day. So don’t even mess around with shoes that are the most comfortable pair you own! I have two go-to’s for comfy all-day shoes: my Allbirds runners and these strappy sandals.

Have you been to Disney? What would you add to your must-haves list?

xo laura

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