12 Must-Have Children’s Books about Christmas Around the World

Learn about Christmas around the world with these 12 books that combine a love of travel and culture with the magic of the holiday season!

It’s been a crazy past few weeks.

That’s because we just wrapped up 2 weeks of travel through Prague, Vienna and Budapest, where we visited 15 (yes, FIFTEEN) Christmas markets and enjoyed taking in some new traditions as we get ready to celebrate Christmas at home in the US.

Which got me thinking, wouldn’t it be fun for our kids to learn about all the different Christmas traditions around the world?

It was this thought that led me to compiling this list of must-have children’s books for learning about different Christmas traditions around the world.

We only have a couple, but I’ll be slowly stocking up and expanding our collection!

Our kids love books, so it’s only natural that they should be including in our Christmas celebrations.

Read on for 12 of our favorite must-have books about Christmas around the world:

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The Best Children’s Books about Christmas Around the World

Whether it’s Santa traveling the world or sharing a new tradition or Christmas tale, here’s a few of our new favorites on our Christmas bookshelf (and wish list!):

Where Would Santa Go?

This adorable book by Julia Inserro was the first in our collection. Gifted to us by Julia, it tells the story of Santa, Lucy and Max’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve, exploring different places with the most-seasoned traveler of all: Santa!

The illustrations are beautiful, with a few facts about each place tossed in between. My daughter’s can’t get enough of this book, especially at Christmas time!

Joy to the World!

Another great book introducing different cultures into the Christmas conversation, Joy to the World! explores Christmas traditions in 13 different countries through the use of colorful illustrations and simple text, while also including expanded information for adults and older children. It’s a solid book to include in your Christmas repertoire.

Tomten Saves Christmas

Looking to add a little bit of Swedish Christmas into your home? In this story of the Tomten, a classic Swedish character, the grumpy Farm Tomten is swayed toward giving into the magic of Christmas when he helps his friend, Yule Tomten, sort out the overflowing presents at the North Pole and get them to the children on time.

The book is bilingual, in Swedish and English, so it makes a great introduction to new vocabulary as well.

The Legend of Old Befana

In this classic picture book, Tomie dePaola tells the Italian folk tale of Befana, an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on the eve of January 6th.

The book tells the story of how the old lady came to be a legend, as she goes in search of the Christ child whom she never finds. If you’re looking for a new Christmas tradition to add into your home, this is a great one.

A World of Cookies for Santa

Here in the US, Santa comes down the chimney and indulges in some milk and cookies left behind for him. But what about elsewhere in the world?

A World of Cookies for Santa takes kids on a journey around the world, sharing legends of how Santa is viewed by children in different countries. Of course, it also shares classic Christmas treats around the world!

Tree of Cranes

In this story, which follows an American mother preparing for her Japanese son’s first Christmas celebration, children learn about a mix of Japanese and American Christmas traditions.

The story also shares a positive message of giving, goodwill, and a hope for peace.

‘Twas Nochebuena

In this immersive, bilingual English-Spanish story, children are invited into the home of a latino family as they prepare for Christmas: making tamales, decorating their home, and singing songs in the plaza by candlelight.

The illustrations are also bright and eye-catching, sure to be a favorite amongst young children.

It’s Christmas Everywhere

For the littlest travelers, this fun Christmas-tree shaped board book introduces babies and toddlers to Christmas traditions around the world, taking them on a journey through each continent!

The Legend of the Poinsettia

The poinsettia, or flower of the Holy Night, plays an especially meaningful role in Christmas celebrations in Mexico.

In The Legend of the Poinsettia, children learn the story of how the poinsettia came to be in this touching version of the Christmas story.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales

This classic Christmas tale, just as its name implies, tells the story of a Christmas day in a small Welsh town.

A beautifully written book with detailed illustrations, both adults and children will love this nostalgic story from a bygone era.

Christmas in Coming: Traditions from Around the World

Combining a wonderful collection of legends and traditions from all around the world, Christmas Is Coming is a new must-have on every Christmas bookshelf. From which date Christmas is celebrated on, to what is traditionally eaten and who pulls Santa’s sleigh, this book is not only insightful for kids, but adults will appreciate it also!

A Piñata in a Pine Tree

A latino play on the classic 12 days of Christmas, A Piñata in a Pine Tree tells the story of a young girl who receives a different gift from her amiga on each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Each gift shares of a latino Christmas tradition, and a pronunciation guide encourages children to learn new Spanish words alongside the story.

Do you buy your kids books for Christmas? Which of these would you put under the tree?

xo laura

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