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Hi, we’re the Ishmaels!

Matt, Laura, Evelyn + Sophie.

An ordinary family of 4 constantly in search of new adventures at home and abroad!
We love to travel with our two kids, fancy ourselves to be minimalist packers (yes, really!), and are always looking for ways to travel more and spend less.
Want to live a life full of adventures?


Our story

In 2015, we had achieved the American Dream: a beautiful home in the suburbs, good paying jobs, and a baby on the way.

We had it all, yet still felt discontent. We’d done everything we were supposed to do, so why’d it still feel like something was missing?

That’s when we realized, in this life of schedules and predictability, we had lost of our sense of adventure. We knew we needed to make a change.

So 3 weeks before our daughter Evelyn was born (probably not the most opportune time, eh?), we decided we would finally make travel a priority!

Even if it meant doing so while navigating this new adventure in parenthood!

Now, 4 years and 2 kids later, we’re adventuring more than ever before! And we’ve learned to balance our life at home with a life of travel, having the best of both worlds.

We’ve also learned along the way that life is short, and we want to give our kids the world. Spending our time and money on experiences, rather than things, is what makes us feel whole.

Whether your family is completely new to travel with kids, or simply searching for your next adventure, we hope you’ll find some practical advice and inspiration here!

Because it’s never too late to choose adventure.


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