Guide to Florida’s 30A Beaches: Where to Stay, Eat & Explore

Of all the coastal beaches we’ve been to over the years, the clear blue waters and white sandy beaches of Florida’s Emerald Coast sure take the cake.

In fact, we loved it so much, we purchased our own little slice of paradise along 30A’s gulf coast last year!

While Florida’s Highway 30A stretches just 19 miles, the little beach towns that dot this part of Florida’s Emerald Coast are each unique, offering a different experience from one to the next.

Read on for the ultimate guide to Florida’s Highway 30A beaches: where to stay, eat and things to do in each of 30A’s unique beach towns.

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What to Pack for a 30A Beach Trip

When prepping for the beaches of 30A, there are a few essentials we think you should add to your packing list:

Sunscreen | This is one item you can buy after you arrive, but since I’m kind of picky about which kinds I like, I tend to bring my own from home. I’m a fan of a good sunscreen stick that can be tossed in the go bag, as well as this Aveeno Baby sunscreen that’s good for babies and adults alike, and just under the 3.2 ounce carry on limit.

Lip Balm with SPF | For both kids and adults, this is a must.

Bug Spray | If you plan to do any hiking while exploring 30A, don’t forget something to keep the bugs and mosquitos away! I like this natural option: safe for kids and better yet, doesn’t make you smell like chemicals.

Beach Hat | Definitely a must-have for kids and adults. This sun hat is a great one for babies, while older kids will enjoy something a little more stylish and structured.

Packable Beach Towel | Not all vacational rentals include beach towels, so be sure to check in advance. If you do need your own, we love these lightweight packable beach towels.

Two Swimsuits | I love this one from RuffleButts with a long-sleeve rashguard for little girls (more skin protection and less surface area to struggle at covering with sunscreen)! Pack more than one to adapt to Florida’s humid air and long drying times.

Cover Up Dress | It’s not uncommon on 30A to go from the beach to lunch to shopping all within a few hours. A casual cotton dress is the perfect must-have accessory.

Backpack Cooler | If you plan to spend lots of time at the beach (or even poolside), swap your typical carry on for this cooler backpack: perfect for toting a picnic lunch and a few drinks. Don’t forget a few slim ice packs as well to keep frozen.

Collapsible Bucket and Sand Toys | You won’t need a ton of stuff, but having a few beach toys to keep the kids occupied is a good idea. We purchased this collapsible beach bucket and sand toys, which is perfect for packing light. Simple things like water rings or other dive toys are also great for pool days. As always, check with your hotel or Airbnb host, as they may already provide these kinds of things, meaning it’s less you have to bring with you.

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Getting To Florida’s 30A Beaches

30A Florida gets its name from Highway 30A, the 19 mile stretch of highway that runs along the Gulf of Mexico. It falls about halfway between Destin and Panama City Beach, making both good choices for airport arrivals.

We’ve flown into both Destin-Fort Walton (VPS) and Panama City Beach (ECP), depending on which is cheaper at the time.

Both airports offer rental cars (though selection may be limited). We personally like the freedom of having a car to get around, and typically book with for their low-price guarantee and flexible cancellation policies.

If you need transportation to and from the airport, Uber or Lyft are great options. Or for added peace of mind, you can pre-book your airport transportation online.

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The Best 30A Beaches: Deciding Where to Stay

As you start to plan your trip to Florida’s 30A region, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by all the choices for where to stay.

Do you want to be on the west or east side? Stay put in one place or move around?

Deciding where to stay on 30A really does depend on your travel style, and there’s no easy one-size-fits-all answer. I’ll attempt to break down each beach community in this post, but here’s a few thoughts to get you started:

Getting around 30A

While Highway 30A may only be 19 miles long, in reality it takes much longer than 20 minutes to drive from end to end, especially in the summer when the roads are packed with cars, bicycles, and golf carts. Don’t expect to get from one town to the next very quickly.

However, it is totally possible to get around 30A without a car. Traveling by bike is truly the local way and you’ll find bike rental shops all along 30A (most companies will even deliver to your rental for free)!

If you want to visit lots of different towns along 30A, I’d recommend staying somewhere that’s centrally located, like Seagrove or Watersound, so you can easily head east one day and west the next.

Important Note: Some larger rental homes might include a golf cart for beach transportation, or you can even rent one on your own. But be warned, golf cart use is highly restricted in the communities of Seaside, Alys and Rosemary Beach. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the current low speed vehicle laws before you set out.

Where to Stay for First Timers

There are two main quintessential 30A hubs: Seaside on the west side and Rosemary Beach on the east side.

Both have a lively town square, lots of events, restaurants, and shops. If it’s your first time on 30A, either would be a fantastic choice to base yourself while you explore the area.

However, because Seaside and Rosemary are so picture-perfect, that charm also comes with a price tag. The good news is that you could easily stay in the next town over and bike or walk to them easily. For Seaside on a budget, we recommend Seagrove. For Rosemary Beach on a budget, try nearby Seacrest.

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An Essential Guide to 30A’s Beaches

Alright, let’s get into it. Here’s where to stay, eat, and explore in each of 30A’s amazing beach towns, starting from west to east.

Dune Allen

At the far western end, and the start of 30A, sits Dune Allen, a small, often overlooked community along the Gulf of Mexico. Dune Allen Beach is the closest 30A beach to Destin, so it’s an ideal spot if you’re wanting to take in one of the many boat and water excursions that Destin has to offer.


Where to Stay in Dune Allen Beach

Vacation Rentals ($$) | Being a smaller community, vacation rentals are the way to go if you wish to stay in Dune Allen. You’ll find plenty of affordable family style homes on this part of 30A.

Compare Prices on: VRBO


Where to Eat in Dune Allen Beach

Kith & Kin | This light and airy coffee shop on the edge of Topsail Hill Preserve offers a variety of hot, iced, or frozen beverages.

Stinky’s Fish Camp | Stinky’s serves up mouthwatering inventive seafood dishes in a casual, homey setting.


Things to Do in Dune Allen Beach

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park | One of 30A’s most gorgeous state parks, Topsail Hill Preserve offers 3 miles of pristine beaches, 15 miles of hiking and biking trails, and an abundance of white quartz dunes that are the namesake of the park.

Beach-Goer Tips: Dune Allen has public beach access at two locations: Dune Allen Regional Beach Access at 5999 W Scenic Hwy 30A, and Fort Panic Regional Beach Access at 5753 W Scenic Hwy 30A. Both offer parking and ADA accessible boardwalks and restrooms.

Blue Mountain Beach

Next up is Blue Mountain Beach, a rather large community on 30A’s west side. Blue Mountain Beach maintains a bit of that old 30A vibe, feeling a bit more casual and local.

The con of staying in Blue Mountain Beach is it’s a bit of a drive to the rest of 30A. But you’ll also find it to be more affordable, with family-sized homes renting for a much more reasonable price than further down the coast.


Vacation Rentals in Blue Mountain Beach

Gulf Place ($-$$$) | Gulf Place is an uber popular condo complex offering a plethora of vacation rentals to choose from. The community is located right across the street from public beach access and is surrounded by lots of restaurants and shops, making it great for those who want to stay put and relax by the beach.

Compare Prices on: VRBO

Adagio ($$-$$$$) | Another favorite among 30A frequenters, Adagio offers an 8000 square foot, 3-tier swimming pool, plus a smaller heated pool overlooking the gulf. The community holds a wide variety of vacation rentals, some with ocean views.

Compare Prices on: VRBO


Where to Eat in Blue Mountain Beach

Shunk Gulley | A must for casual seafood dishes with a gulf view. Come and experience their live music daily.

Blue Mountain Beach Creamery | A cult favorite ice cream shop, lines stretch around the block during the summertime.

The Perfect Pig | A local 30A chain, The Perfect Pig‘s Blue Mountain Beach location is conveniently located right across from Gulf Place. It’s a popular spot for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Blue Mountain Bakery | Another long-time 30A favorite, it’s a must-stop for baked goodies and breakfast or a grab-and-go beach picnic lunch.

Blue Mabel Steakhouse | A locally sourced smokehouse, Blue Mabel offers an upscale, yet unstuffy, dining experience.


Things to Do in Blue Mountain Beach

Gulf Place Wine Walk | The wine walk takes place every third Thursday from 5-7 pm (4-6 pm in January and February) and allows visitors to sip wine and nosh on appetizers while shopping the Gulf Place Merchants.

Lola’s on 30A | Blue Mountain Beach is home to my favorite coastal home store on 30A: Lola’s! This massive store is the perfect place to find that beachy treasure to take home as a souvenir.

Beach-Goer Tips: Blue Mountain Beach offers public beach access points at three locations: Ed Walline Regional Beach Access at 4447 W Scenic Hwy 30A (with ADA accessible boardwalk), Gulfview Heights Regional Beach Access at 186 Gulfview Heights Street, and Blue Mountain Beach Regional Beach Access at 2365 S Scenic Hwy 83

Grayton Beach

Looking for laid-back surfer vibes? You’ll find those at Grayton Beach!

Grayton is a totally unique 30A town with a strong artist culture and local flair. While it’s definitely still on the more upscale side of 30A beach towns, it has a much more casual attitude than Seaside, Alys or Rosemary. Grayton truly feels like a small town and has a ton to offer visitors as well.


Where to Stay in Grayton Beach

Vacation Rentals ($$$) | Grayton’s only accommodations are private vacation rentals, mostly single family homes. Prices therefore, are a bit higher than other areas, but there are still some gems to be found.

Compare Prices on: VRBO


Where to Eat in Grayton Beach

Black Bear Bread Co. | One of our most favorite restaurants, we can’t make a trip to 30A without a stop at the original Black Bear Bread Co.! From light brunch offerings to delicious coffee and pastries, it’s a must stop in the morning. By evening, check out the attached oyster and wine bar.

Red Bar | If you’re a fan of dive bars, include The Red Bar on your list of places. Red Bar is a 30A institution.

Hurricane Oyster Bar | For casual eats, hit up Hurricane Oyster Bar. Located near the Shoppes of Grayton, they offer a wide variety of oysters (raw or baked, depending on your preference), plus every type of fried seafood imaginable.

Chiringo | Tex mex meets coastal at this open-air bar and restaurant located in the heart of Grayton Beach. After dinner, take a walk on the beach, just a few steps away.


Things to Do in Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach State Park | One of many amazing state parks in the area, pop into Grayton Beach State Park to head out on the nature trail that wraps around Western Lake before taking in the expansive beachfront.

Fishing Charters | Florida’s gulf coast is famous for it’s seafood, and Grayton Beach’s pier is a hub for fishing charters on 30A.

Beach-Goer Tips: Grayton Beach can be accessed at Grayton Dunes (288 Garfield Street) or via Grayton Beach State Park.

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There are two parts to Watercolor: the beachfront area squeezed between Western Lake and Seaside, and the area further inland that’s home to more locals. The Watercolor Inn & Resort dominates the landscape of Watercolor’s beach area and offers one of the only beachfront resort experiences on 30A!


Where to Stay in Watercolor

Watercolor Inn & Resort ($$$$) | For a truly resort-like experience, you can’t go wrong at the Watercolor Inn. Guests at this beachfront hotel are privy to 6 on-site bars and restaurants, 5 outdoor pools, a playground, and childcare services. Best of all, it’s just a few steps away from Seaside.

Compare Prices at: | Agoda


Where to Eat in Watercolor

The Wine Bar | Situated right on Highway 30A, The Wine Bar‘s Watercolor location is great for indoor or outdoor dining with an award-winning wine list.

Scratch Biscuit Kitchen | Looking for a tasty southern breakfast? Scratch serves up made-from-scratch biscuits in a casual, family-friendly restaurant that’s a breakfast must.


Things to Do in Watercolor

Walk or Bike the Watercolor Trail System | This 8.9 mile loop through 30A’s Watercolor and Seaside communities features boardwalk trails and paved surfaces perfect for biking or walking.

Beach-Goer Tips: Watercolor no public beach access points, so you’ll need to stay at the Watercolor Inn to enjoy this stretch of beach.


If you’re looking for that classic 30A beach experience, welcome to Seaside!

The original master planned community along Highway 30A, Seaside was founded in 1978 with just a handful of simple cottages built for beachside summer vacations.

Over 40 years later, Seaside touts itself as a “way of living”. And unlike other, more exclusive communities like Alys or Rosemary Beach, Seaside offers a public beach access point, meaning anyone can visit the beach here, even if you’re staying in another town.

The central square wraps around a large grassy amphitheater that’s home to many of the towns events, like live music, movies, yoga and a farmers market. Surrounding the amphitheater you’ll find ice cream shops, upscale restaurants, airstream food trucks, and beachy shops.

Important Tip: Parking in Seaside is extremely limited (and non-existant in peak season). Do not try to drive and park in Seaside – you’ll be sorely disappointed!
Instead, your best bet will be to bike or walk from a nearby town, or use the town’s free shuttle (parking lot and shuttle are located across from the Shoppes of Grayton).


Where to Stay in Seaside

Watercolor Inn & Resort ($$$$) | There are no hotels in Seaside, but the Watercolor Inn (description above) is an easy walk to the town square.

Compare Prices at: | Agoda

Vacation Rentals ($$$) | If you want to stay in true Seaside, a vacation rental will be your only option. Look for one that states it’s located in ‘Seaside Proper’, meaning you’ll be able to use all beach access points (not just the public one in the center of town).

Compare Prices on: VRBO

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Where to Eat in Seaside

Great Southern Cafe | Serving classic southern food, from brunch to dinner, The Great Southern is a good choice for any time of day. Be sure to check out BFF (located on the west side of the restaurant) for a boozy drinkable dessert.

Bud & Alley’s | One of Seaside’s original iconic restaurants, Bud & Alley’s offers are large outdoor dining space with view of the gulf. We recommend heading to the roof deck bar for a sunset cocktail.

Airstream Row | Need a quick, casual meal? You can’t go wrong with Airstream Row. From crepes to fancy grilled cheese and gyros, there really is something for everyone.

It’s Heavenly | This delectable ice cream shop is one of our favorite stops when in Seaside. From classic ice cream flavors to house-made strawberry shortcakes, there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Nigel’s Fancy Bananas | For a unique sweet treat, Nigel’s serves up made-to-order frozen chocolate-dipped bananas and ice cream bars tucked back in Ruskin Place.


Things to Do in Seaside

Events at the Seaside Amphitheater | The Seaside Amphitheater is the hub of all activities in Seaside. From the weekly Farmer’s Market to live music, movie nights, and yoga, there’s always something happening.

Seaside Shops | Some of our favorite shops in Seaside include The Seaside Style, Sundog Books, Duckies, and Art of Simple.

Tour the Beach Pavilions | Sure, everyone knows the iconic Seaside beach pavilion that towers into the sky, but did you know there are 8 other unique beach pavilions marking Seaside’s beach access points for residents? Head out on a bike tour and try to spot them all.

Seeing Red Wine Festival | Every November at Ruskin Place, Seaside hosts their annual Seeing Red Wine Festival. Poised to return in the fall of 2022, it’s an event not to miss if you’re in the area.

Beach-Goer Tips: Most of Seaside’s beach access points are private, meaning you must be living or staying in Seaside to use the beach. The one exception is Van Ness Butler Jr. Regional Beach Access at the main Seaside pavilion.

Seagrove Beach

As you travel further down Highway 30A, you’ll next pass through Seagrove Beach.

Seagrove has a complex history and you’ll see it in the way the town varies from one block to the next. On one side of the street you’ll see a small decrepit beach cottage, hanging on as long as it can. On the other side, you’ll find a massive ten million dollar mansion. You’ll see little clusters of townhomes along the beach too, with the occassional massive high rise condo building.

Seagrove feels a bit disjointed at first, but the charm of Seagrove is that this is the last remaining remnant of what 30A once was. “Old Seagrove” is what the locals call it. There’s no HOA; no master planned community. Just each person doing their own thing.

However, because of this, Seagrove lacks a central town square that many other 30A beaches have.

However, what we love about Seagrove? Nearly every property is steps to the beach! Add in a central location that makes a great jumping off point for visiting the rest of 30A, and you’ll see why we decided to invest in our own little property here on 30A.


Where to Stay in Seagrove

The Lodge 30A ($$) | Located in the new Greenway Station, The Lodge 30A is the area’s newest hotel offering with a more affordable price point than the other luxury hotels and resorts.

Compare Prices on: HOTELS.COM | AGODA

Vacation Rentals ($-$$$) | Vacation homes in Seagrove range from small studio condos to massive beachfront properties, so there really is something for everybody in this 30A community.

Compare Prices on: VRBO


Where to Eat in Seagrove

Surfing Deer | This upscale eatery is so named for Seagrove’s founder Cube McGee and his pet deer Bambi, who could often be seen playing the surf on early mornings at the beach.

Cafe Thirty-A | For an upscale vibe with southern charm, head to Cafe Thirty-A, a 30A institution for over 25 years.

Angelina’s | For an old school, mom and pop restaurant, you can’t beat Angelina’s. Their pizza, pasta and calzones will leave your belly full and your heart happy.

Old Florida Fish House | Come for the food, stay for the vibe. While I wouldn’t say they serve the best food on 30A, it’s the expansive lawn overlooking Eastern Lake that draws in visitors and locals alike.


Things to Do in Seagrove

Deer Lake State Park | This favorite 30A state park is home to a rare coastal dune lake, pristine beaches, and an array of wildflowers and birdwatching.

Kayak Eastern Lake | Nearby Yellowfin Ocean Sports provides 1-7 day kayak and stand up paddleboard rentals to explore this coastal dune lake further.

Eden Gardens State Park | While not technically in Seagrove, Eden Gardens is a quick 10 minute drive inland. Explore the manicured gardens, short nature trail, or tour inside of the 1895 mansion (open select days).

Beach-Goer Tips: Seagrove offers public beach access points at Santa Clara Regional Beach Access (3468 E Scenic Hwy 30A) and Walton Dunes (258 Beachfront Trail). The Santa Clara access has an ADA accessible boardwalk.


Next up is Watersound. This quiet gated community is a bit more tucked away. You’ll find a lot of local families here, with quieter beaches and a vibe that exudes more of a suburban family-friendly neighborhood kind of feel.

One con about staying in Watersound is that the beach is a bit of a jaunt to get to. However, most rentals come with a golf cart for that reason. You can easily get around by bike as well, and nearby hangout The Big Chill offers the “greatest backyard party of all time” with it’s mix of shops, restaurants, and outdoor entertainment.


Where to Stay in Watersound

WaterSound Inn ($$$$) | Families wanting to take advantage of nearby Deer Lake State Park should consider a stay at the WaterSound Inn. This boutique hotel features bright, modern decor, a pool, 2 restaurants, and is a short walk to nearby nature activities.

Compare Prices at: | Agoda

Prominence on 30A ($-$$$) | Centered around The Big Chill, with rentals on both the north and south side of 30A, families will find plenty of living space and activities in between beach-going.

Compare Prices on: VRBO


Where to Eat in Watersound

The Big Chill | You’ll find a variety of casual eats to satisfy all tastebuds, from tacos to burgers, seafood, and barbecue.

Bruno’s Pizza | Located at the Watersound Inn, Bruno’s offers a casual bite that’s been called the best pizza on 30A. They even deliver to most of 30A, and serve up a lunchtime old-school pizza bar!


Things to Do in Watersound

Live Music at The Big Chill | There’s always something going on at The Big Chill. Check their event calendar for the latest happenings!

Shop The Big Chill | Some of our favorites include Fiddle Haus, 30A General Store, and Live Well 30A.

Camp Creek Lake | Fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are all possible in this coastal dune lake. Public access is available along Camp Creek Road North.

Beach-Goer Tips: Watersound Beach is private to residents and guests. However, you can still access the beach here via Deer Lake State Park.


Travel a bit further down 30A and you’ll reach Seacrest, a small community of brightly colored homes and condo communities. Like Seagrove Beach, Seacrest is a bit disjoined, split in half into east and west sides with the upscale community of Alys Beach in the center.

We prefer the west side of Seacrest, sandwiched between Alys and Rosemary Beach, which makes both luxe towns super accessible on a budget. And better yet, most of the beach rentals here are right next to a deeded beach access, just a short walk over Highway 30A.


Where to Stay in Seacrest

Village of South Walton ($-$$$) | One of the most popular places to stay on 30A, the Village of South Walton is steps from Rosemary Beach’s town square and not much farther from Alys. Peddlers 30A sits at the center of the complex, with lots of restaurants and shops surrounding it. The community also features one of 30A’s rare heated outdoor pools and a beach shuttle during peak season.

Compare Prices on: VRBO

High Pointe Resort ($$-$$$) | On the south side of 30A, Highpointe offers a variety of gulf view private condo rentals at a variety of price points, with easy access to the gulf.

Compare Prices on: VRBO


Where to Eat in Seacrest

Crabby Steve’s Highpointe | This low-key gulf-front eatery is a popular summer spot and only accessible beachside!

La Cocina | Come to LaCo Latin Coastal Kitchen for happy hour specials on apertivos and margaritas.

Pizza by the Sea | Another 30A favorite, Pizza by the Sea has multiple locations across South Walton.

Beach and Brew 30A | This coastal tap room with live music and over 25 beers on tap is both dog and child-friendly!


Things to Do in Seacrest

Events at Peddlers Pavilion | Peddlers is known as the largest bike rental shop on 30A, but the pavilion is also home to live music, quick bites, and seasonal events. Stay up to date by following the Peddlers Instagram page.

Shop the Village of South Walton | Golden Seashell, Maui Waves, and Ophelia are all great places to shop 30A apparel.

Beach-Goer Tips: Seacrest does not have any public beach access points, so if you plan to stay in this area, be sure your rental includes “deeded beach access” via a private beach entrance.

Alys Beach

Alys Beach (pronounced ‘Alice’) is no doubt the swankiest new development on 30A. If you’re looking for luxe accommodations that look straight out of a movie set, Alys Beach is your spot.

With perfectly manicured lawns and stunning, bright white homes inspired by the architecture of Bermuda, Alys Beach is drop dead gorgeous. Better yet, some of 30A’s best restaurants are here as well.

Just be prepared to spend a pretty penny to stay in this coveted community. Rentals are managed directly through the town’s property management.


Where to Stay in Alys Beach

Vacation Rentals ($$$$) | Vacation rentals in Alys Beach are managed by the developer and not listed on 3rd party websites like Airbnb or VRBO. Instead, head to their website to search pricing and availability.

Booking: Alys Beach Rental Management


Where to Eat in Alys Beach

Raw & Juicy | This cool and casual eatery is a must-stop for breakfast or brunch. (parents take note: there’s a playground connected to the patio!)

George’s | With a breezy patio and light fare, George’s is a great spot for lunch or dinner. They don’t take reservations and can get quite packed in the summertime, so be sure to show up a little before opening to get in line for a table.

The Citizen | One of 30A’s newest restaurants, The Citizen brings upscale coastal cuisine in a modern atmosphere.

Charlie’s Donut & Yogurt Shop | You can’t miss Charlie’s Donut Truck, near the Alys Beach amphitheater.

NEAT Tasting Room & Bottle Shop | For those traveling childless, visit NEAT for inventive cocktails and a full menu of sharable snacks, charcuterie, and cheese. Visit on Tuesdays for tableside wine tastings and live music from 5 – 7 PM.

Fonville Press | With a recent reopening, Fonville Press is a popular meeting point for brunch, cocktails, and casual market fare perfect for taking to the beach.


Things to Do in Alys Beach

Alys Beach Nature Trail | Don’t miss this 1800-foot long (mostly) boadwalk trail through a 20-acre nature preserve.

Wander the Neighborhood | To truly appreciate the fine details and architecture of Alys Beach, get lost wandering the streets among the white-washed homes.

Fonville Park | Literally connected to Raw & Juicy’s patio, this playground is the absolute perfect spot to let the kids play while the parents relax.

30A Wine Festival | Returning in late February, the 30A Wine Festival at Alys Beach offers an array of events benefitting charitable organizations, from wine dinners and tastings to mixology classes.

Beach-Goer Tips: Alys Beach is private to residents and guests. You must book a rental in Alys Beach in order to visit its community’s beaches.

Rosemary Beach

Last but not least, Rosemary Beach, my favorite little beach town on 30A. While still rather upscale, Rosemary Beach is much more approachable, with a “main street” kind of feel and plenty of dining options for foodies.

The architecture is a mix of Southern meets European, with a variety of influences that give it a sort of Caribbean feel. The beach here is beautiful, but private, so you need to stay in a Rosemary Beach property to have access to this exclusive bit of 30A.


Rosemary Beach Hotels

The Pearl ($$$$) | Looking for a luxury hotel experience in Rosemary Beach? The iconic Pearl Hotel is just that. This beautiful hotel is located in the heart of town, steps from 5-star dining, the town’s many shops, and, of course, the beach. While you’re there, be sure to take advantage of the Havana rooftop bar, hotel pool, and spa.

Check Prices at:

Rosemary Beach Vacation Rentals

The Pointe on 30A ($$$) | A bit further down the road, and technically outside of Rosemary Beach’s neighborhood boundaries, The Pointe offers a resort-like experience at a more affordable price point. You won’t be able to use Rosemary’s private beach, but public access is just a short walk away.

Compare Prices at: VRBO

Vacation Rentals ($$$-$$$$) | The most popular choice for a stay in Rosemary Beach is to rent one of their classic cottages. Rentals homes here can get pretty spendy, so they’re best suited for sharing with a large family or group. For couples or small families on a tighter budget, you find a decent selection of backyard carriage houses.

Compare Prices on: VRBO


Where to Eat in Rosemary Beach

Pescado | One of my absolute favorite restaurants on 30A, you can’t beat the view from Pescado‘s rooftop terrace.

Restaurant Paradis | Another fine dining favorite, Restaurant Paradis serves coastal cuisine that a favorite among 30A locals and frequenters.

Amavida Coffee Roasters | Located in Rosemary’s Barrett Square, Amavida serves some of the best coffee on 30A.

La Crema | Need a fancy dinner idea the kids will love just as much as the adults? La Crema‘s fondue and spanish tapas are a crowd-pleaser for the whole family.

Donut Hole | A short walk from Rosemary’s town square, The Donut Hole is a classic breakfast joint that also serves delicious old school pastries with a cornhole lawn and adirondacks out back.


Things to Do in Rosemary Beach

Shop Town Center | Rosemary offers some of my favorite places to shop on 30A, like the Rosemary Trading Post, Hidden Lantern Bookstore, Disco 30A, Rosemary Beach Collection and Faherty.

Wander Rosemary’s Boardwalk Alleyways | Rosemary is filled with some amazing architecture and old world vibe. Explore in between these gorgeous homes on foot to really soak it all in.

Camp Helen State Park | Just a stone’s throw away from Rosemary Beach, Camp Helen State Park offers pristine sandy beaches, wild dunes and nature trails when you want to feel out of the city.

Rosemary Beach Uncorked | Occuring each year late October or early November, Rosemary Beach Uncorked brings one of the largest food and wine festivals to 30A.

Beach Tips: Rosemary Beach is private to residents and guests, meaning you must book a rental in Rosemary Beach in order to access its community beaches. However, public beach access is available in nearby Inlet Beach (438 S Orange Street Center).

What’s your favorite 30A beach town?

xo laura

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